Ship Details


4 mast Steel Barque



Built In




307' x 44'9" x 26'11½"


Cpt.Charles Barrie, reg. Dundee. 1899 Aug.31: Anglo American Oil Co.Ltd.(Frenk E.Bliss), reg. London. 1911 Feb.13: G.Windram & Co., reg. Liverpool. 1914 Aug.: August Troberg, reg. Mariehamn. 1917 Oct.24: Gustav Erikson, reg. Mariehamn. 1918 June 18: Requisitioned by French Government at Brest. 1919 Jan.8: Released to Erickson. 1932 Sept.30: Ran down & sank the Polish steamer Niemen in the Skagerrak. 1941 Aug.21: Seized as a war prize by the South African Government and made several trips for them. 1946: Sold to Lawhill Pty.Ltd., of Cape Town. 1948 July 27: Sold to Marcio da Silva, jr., of Lourenço Marques & laid up at Matola River. 1959: Sent to ship breakers on the Tembe River, Lourenço Marques, Mozambique.


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