Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 1200 nhp.



Built In


11,199g 7,008n

Built By


500.0 x 62.2 x 37.8


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. Greenock. 1914 Mar 27: Maiden voyage via the Cape to Australia. 1914 Aug 4.: Troopship. 1920: Resumed P&O service to Australia via th Cape. 1928: Laid up. 1930 Apr.: Sold to Japan for demolition.



I am researching the history of my great uncle, Antony Garvis Honybun. Antony served in WW1 and was awarded the Military Cross. He was one of eleven children none of whom are living. When Antony returned to Australia he apparently settled on the NSW North coast. His family were all living in Victoria and there has always been some mystery surrounding Antony. It seems that communication between him and his family was almost non existent after his return from military service. Apparently Antony "and wife" made the voyage from UK to Australia in December 1919 on the then troop ship Borda. No one in the family knows the name of Antony's wife and the date of their marriage in the UK is unknown. Do you have records of passengers from the voyage made by Borda in December 1919. it would be helpful if I could track down the name of his wife. I am keen to unravel the mystery surrounding this very interesting man who has for too long remained an enigma to our family.

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My grandfather Frank Calton came out to Australia on the "Borda" in 1920. Having served in WWI and spending three years as a POW, finally being released at the end of the war, less than 12 months later what must he have thought at age 20 arriving in Sydney Harbour?

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