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This is my late Grandmother. She gave birth to my late Father in Adelaide in 1927, however due to marriage breakdown, she and my Father returned to pre-war Germany in the early 1930's. However my Father was sent back to Australia on a ship by himself as WWII was about to get into full swing, to be reunited with his Father whom was a Dentist on North Terrace. Dad said when he returned to Adelaide he soon realised everything he was taught by the German political machine 'as being right, was now wrong'. I never met my Grandmother, but have been told she was sometimes to head strong for her own good, and was causing a few ripples in Germany. When she returned, according to Australian Government documents now available, she was interviewed by the equivalent of the AFP on board the ship off Fremantle, where she refused to give details about German secrets (not that she had any), but that went the same way if she was being interviewed by German officials about Australia. Like many before her and after, she just wanted to get a way from a War. Another letter from Australian official I have read, she was described as an enigma.

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