Do your records/readers have any reference to the Cambodia for 1851 please? My mother's distant relatives were William Waight and Theodore Walter Waight. My mother died Nov 2017 at 102 yrs.

Looking for Fretus water lily connections arriving from Portugal 1853

My Grandmother, Miss May B Kinghorn arrived in Sydney on the Euripides from London in 1922 . I would like to see the passenger list. Regards John Wakeling

My paternal grandfather travelled to Australia from Italy on Barbarossa ship landed Melbourne 2/2/1899

I travelled to Australia on 24th May1957 on board SS Strathaird, the ship had to go via South Africa because THE Suez canal was blocked due to the war in 1956 , the voyage took 37 days to reach Melbourne.

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My name is Lynne I came out to Australia in 1964 on Fairsky dad was Frank mum Esther Bottomley

this is good...

My great great grandfather is suppose to have jump ship in Adelaide around 1860 whilst travelling on the Edward Thornhill. His name was Charles Joseph Onley. Are there records of the crew or passenger lists for this vessel.

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