Ship Details


Steel 4 mast Barque



Built In


2,179g 1,944n

Built By


270'0" x 43'1" x 23'6"


Rederi A/S Sunnan (P G Thulin), reg. Stockholm. 1929: Abrahan Rydberg Assn. Later acquired by U.S. Coastguard and named "Seven Seas"



I believe this ship to be one and the same that my father sailed on, as a mast boy, at age 12, in the Swedish Merchant Marine, c 1921. I recall his account of a voyage from Sweden to Australia and back, about 105 days, each way.

The famous artist, Francis Quirk painted the ship in 1941, before it was put in storage during the WWII. The painting was probably executed in Philadelphia, Maine or Boston. You can see the painting here.

This ship landed in Ipswich docks to unload and load passengers I have a photo of it which my father took this is a one off photo to buy if you are interested I have had lots of offers as it is a one off photo my dad used his own workshop to develop photos its 12inch X 10inches I could take a photo of it to forward on ,if you are interested in purchasing best regards good health james

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