Ship Details


Iron Screw Steamer, 140 hp.



Built In


539g 424n


208.2 x 27.1 x 14.3


George Gilmore, reg. Glasow. 1864 Jan.: Austalasian S.N.Co., reg. Sydney. 1878: Lengthened to 243.8 x 27.1 x 14.3, 681g 496n engine compounded. 1887: Australasian United S.N.Co.Ltd. 1892 June: Elliot Bland (presumably A/C managing agent of AUSN). 1896 Jan.: Driven ashore at Cairns during a hurricane, but was refloated and repaired. 1900 Mar.: The Alexandra Steamship Co.Ltd. 1903 Aug.: Burns, Philp & Co.Ltd. And used as a hulk. 1906: Scuttled outside the eastern breakwater at Townsville, Qld, to protect the wall.



My grandfather Johannes Hauser stated that on his naturalisation application that he arrived at an Australian port (probably Melbourne, but maybe Portland, Adelaide or Sydney) on May 12, 1863 from Liverpool. I cannot find Alexandra on any shipping records in these ports on this date. Can some kind person help me with this search? Thank you, Don Hauser

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