Ship Details


Iron Twin Screw Steamer



Built In


49g 33n


59.8 x 16.1 x 5.6


William Warren, reg. Melbourne. 1877: D.Macbeath (Hindmarsh Island), reg. Port Adelaide. Intended for the Murray/Murrimbidgee river trade. 1897 Sept.: J.A.Rankine. 1900 Oct.: R.Craig. 1904 Aug.: Acquired by R.Fricker and converted into a Ketch. 1905: Re-registered, 40t. 75.1 x 16.7 x 5.2. R.Fricker & W.J.Spells. 1913: R.Fricker and W.J.& J.B.Spells. 1922: R.Fricker & Co. and D.Deex. The hull timbered over and now a composite vessel. Later: R.Fricker & A.C.Cutler. 1956: Lance McMillan and two motor engines installed. 1959: R.Bascombe & converted into a showboat for use on the Port River but since laid up. 1967: Sank at her mooring in the Old Port Canal. Raised and sold by D.M.H. to Dick Broomfead. Used at Coffin Bay in the film Gallipoli. 1983: Taken under her own power to Renmark.


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