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20,551g 11,601n


656'5" x 83'6" x 28'10"


N.V.Stoomv.Maats."Nederland", reg. Amsterdam. 1939 Sept.: Maiden voyage from Amsterdam to Djakarta. 1940: Handed over to the British. 1941 Mar.: Arrived at Sydney & converted to a hospital ship, performing 41 voyages during the war. 1945 Nov.: Returned to home port. 1947 July: Dutch East Indies trade. 1958 Nov.: First commercial voyage to Australia. 1964 May 4: Final voyage to Melbourne & Sydney. 1964 Sept.: Sold to Flotta Lauro & Renamed. 1965 Aug.24: Caught fire in genoa during major refit. 1966 Feb.: Departed Bremerhaven for Australia via Suez. 1967: To Australia via South Africa. 1970: Cruising from Australia. 1972 Apr.: Final Voyage to Australia. 1972 Nov.: Cruising the Caribbean. 1979 Mar.30: Destroyed by fire at St.Thomas. Refloated to be broken up in Taiwan. 1979 Sept.24: Sank while under tow in the Pacific.



I sailed with a friend on the Angelina Lauro from the port of Wellington on the 3rd of September 1968 enroute to Fremantle WA,via Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide,arriving on the 12th September 1968,this was my first voyage out of New Zealand,I can still remember the excitement of being on this lovely modern ship with all the wonderfull amenities on board, especially the Bars and the yummy pizzas late at night, and in to the early hours of the morning,and I was fortunate to meet up with a Australian girl on board who was returning home to Perth after a working holiday in NZ,and it was on this trip that the two of us started a relationship which lasted until my return to NZ the following year,this ships memories ment so much to me that I kept my original passengers sailing ticket,and ships cabin layout plan,and Menu's,and also a 45CD of the ships music track,''ANGELINA LAURO",which was played over the tanoy speaker system on leaving each port,and I personally enjoyed the music, and never ever got tired of it,in fact I occasionaly even now after nearly 50 years still get the old CD out and play it just to remind of the good times I had on that ship,and it was very sad to hear of the "Angelina Lauro's" very tragic end for a much loved fun loving ship with so many fond memories..

I sailed with my mother Betty Robinson from NZ (Wellington) for England (Southampton) in May'June (?) 1967. The Six Day War broke out so we had to go a different route to avoid Suez. Does anyone else remember this voyage? I was 10.

I was on this boat in 1968 at age of two coming from wellington to Southampton with rest of family

I sailed on her from Wellington in November 1971 to the UK via Punta Arenas in Chile then to Buenos Aires , Rio de Janeiro , Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, Lisbon , Vigo in Spain then on to Southampton, arriving in the UK on the 21st December 1971. I can remember arriving at about 5.30 in the morning, middle of winter, once we had berthed and had our breakfast , we waited for the gang planks to be put up so we could disembark. Wonderful memories

I too was on the Angelina voyage from Melbourne to Southampton in Nov 1971 with my then husband. The ship rocked & rolled - even in calm waters - all the way, but as a seasoned traveller it didn't bother me. However returning to the ship by taxi after a shore excursion in Buenos Aires, I was worried when the soldiers in the streets all had guns & then on arrival at the port gate, a gun was poked through the back window demanding to see our identification! As I remember too, in Punta Arenas we went ashore by tender, again with soldiers & their guns. Ah such happy days. It's always good to see your "home" when returning to a ship.

I immigrated to Australia from The UK March 1970 arrived in Fremantle Australia around April 27th 1970 then sailed on to Melbourne. I was 10 years old and remember everything like it was yesterday. Met some good friends on board and I am still very good friends with one of them 47 years later. We talk about all the fun we had on board. We used to sneak up stairs to 1st class and run around. I was saddened to hear she sank. Surprised she was built in 1938.

I sailed on her during May and June of 1971. My family immigrated to Australia from the United States in 1969, and in ‘71 my father wanted to go home. Being 9 years old at the time, I remember the voyage vividly. We boarded the ship in Fremantle. My younger brother, who was 5 at the time, had a fable of taking off on his own and exploring. After boarding the ship all of a sudden nobody knew of his whereabouts, and my mother became nervous. The ship was not allowed to disembark the port of Fremantle until he was found. He was on the deck looking through the railing at the port, watching how other passengers were taking their goodbyes from the people still on land. The journey went from Fremantle to Melbourne, and from there to Sydney before leaving Australia. After a stop in Auckland in New Zealand we made our way to Tahiti. Up until then each stop of the journey was one day, but in Tahiti the ship had mechanical issues which caused us to stay an additional day. Upon leaving Tahiti some passengers were dropping coins of different currencies down into the water between the ship and the pier, to which the natives would dive into the water and retrieve. After seeing the coins fished out of the water some of the natives screamed up to the passengers to throw American coins. The journey continued to Acapulco, Mexico. On each stop along the way my father made a point of arranging a tour of the place we visited. In Acapulco we went up and watched the cliff divers of La Quebrada. From there we went through the Panama Canal. I was awed watching the ship rise in the locks during our passage. After we were through the canal and three days later we arrived in Miami, Florida, where we disembarked. The most interesting coincidence upon our arrival there was the fact that the ship parked behind the Angelina Lauro on that day was the Oriane, which belonged to the P&O lines, and was the ship we took on our journey to Australia two years previously. My father promptly took a picture of the two ships, which I had in my hands again a couple of years ago.

I sailed from Australia to NZ, I believe was Sydney - Wellington... I thought was 1966 but could have been 1967 I was about 2 years, my siste4 Patricia Williams about 10 and our Mother Eunice Williams ... would love to confirm for our family history

September 1969 and returning to UK after 3 years in South Australia. Husband and three children aged 6, 5 and 3. As we boarded our friend said ‘my girl has had chicken pox’. And so did mine. Our Mini was deck cargo and in the storm off South Africa, the car was demolished leaving the chassis. At Tenerife, I was told my father had died. Then I spent two months in hospital after having caught the infection eating salads on the ship. Never been on a ship since!

September 1969 and returning to UK after 3 years in South Australia. Husband and three children aged 6, 5 and 3. As we boarded our friend said ‘my girl has had chicken pox’. And so did mine. Our Mini was deck cargo and in the storm off South Africa, the car was demolished leaving the chassis. At Tenerife, I was told my father had died. Then I spent two months in hospital after having caught the infection eating salads on the ship. Never been on a ship since!

I sailed on her during November 1970 (when I was 19) from Melbourne to Cape Town via Fremantle with 2 friends Brent from NZ and Roger from England. My mother joined us for the Melbourne to Fremantle leg then took the train back across the Nullabour. I shared a cabin with 2 other girls - Aden and I can't remember the name of the other girl. We'd all planned to go on from Cape Town to England but got off in Cape Town and then cancelled the onward trip. I went overland to Europe about a year later while Roger flew on to England and Brent flew back to NZ. Aden and I became good friends and she also got off in Cape Town. I later traveled up to Johannesburg and stayed with Aden before heading north. We had a great journey with really bad weather across the Bight but after that it was quite smooth. Lots of dancing and great food on board.

In reply to Amanda Robinson l'm HAPPY to say that l sailed the Ship on the 13th June 1967 in Melbourne destination ltaly. I was nine years at the time and l remember still Remember this long trip through the oceans. I remember we avoid Suez Channel and so after Fremantel we went and stopped in South Africa and then went on to Canarie and again to England. Me and my family dropped off in Hamburg because It has been a so mech long travelling. .....we very tired and my little brother had chiken pok after only three days we left Melbourne till we arrived home in Italia. He risked to die and the ship hospital was full of patients with this problem. I also remember me andrebbe my sister running up and down the ship. ..everywhere. ..into the cabins of every children we met. So l think l probabily met You because l remember a family going to England with three or four children. I also remember when we were playing on the stairs near the cabins with a very kind waiter who was very clever making triks with a simply matches box. Realy fantastic for us children on Angelina Lauro and never forget that time. Maybe we met each other....but haven't got any name or address. ...The only thing l'm sure is our departure from Melbourne on the 13th.June 1967. Annalisa Feltrin

How can I get a copy of the passenger list of immigrants that arrived in Melbourne from Italy in November 11th 1971? We were there Costantino Zonno with my Mum Rosa Zonno and my Dad Giacomo Zonno

When I was 8, my mum and I left Sydney to come to Italy for a few months. It was 1968, I think between January /March. We sailed with Angelina Laura and in the middle of the Indian ocean, between Fremantle and Capetown, the ship went through a Hurricane. There were many people injured, I remember panic and everything falling out in the kitchen. Is there anyone else Who was on that ship and remembers this?

Left Southampton I think was about May 1966 with my dad Ken Mears mum Hazel Mears and brother Garry we arrived in Fremantle about 5 weeks later went back about 2 and half years later on The Flavia

I traveled with the Angelina Lauro to Italy (Messina) in May 1970 and returned with the Achile Lauro in September 1970. Would love to know if anyone has a list of passengers on the inwards trip to Italy with the Angelina Lauro. My plan is to arrange some sort of re union as i have lost complete contact with most of friends made on board. Please email me with any information. Regards Maria :-))

I migrated to Fremantle Australia from Bremerhaven Germany in 1966 with my parents. I was 10 years old. I remember being really sea sick but loved the swimming pool. So sad to hear she sank :( I had a lot of fun exploring that great ship.

My mother travelled by train from her homeland ( Dalmatia region, in Croatia) to Genoa in Italy, in 1968, to board the Angelina Lauro ..... to arrive in Melbourne, Australia!

We emigrated as a family in January 1991 leaving Durban’s Port stopping in Mauritius and disembarking at Fremantle Port In Janauart the 22nd 1991. Julius family .. Abdorazaak and Zainab with kids Abdullah Gadieja Mogammad and Ismaeel

My recollection of living in a Dublin estate was pretty happy but I think the weather got my father down. As a 5 year old I recall the cancelled trip to the seaside being cancelled and Dad sending my brother and I to the telephone box to get the number of the Australian consulate. Therein a number of weeks later we first met the Angelina Lauro for an eventful trip to Fremantle WA.

My family (Dad Arthur, Mum Sheila and younger Brother Neil) emigrated from England to Australia in 1968 (10 pound POMs) aboard the Anglelina Lauro. Left Southampton on 21st February 1968 and arrived in Fremantle on 21st March 1968 and then onto Sydney. We moved to Brisbane a couple of years later and are still here, or close by. Must have been a daunting voyage into a new life for my parents, but they both say it was the best decision they've ever made. I don't have a lot of memories of the trip except for being seasick all the way! Never been on another cruise ship since then, just small boats and ferries and still get bl**dy seasick at the thought of a ripple on the water!. The few things I do remember are the crossing of the equator with the King Neptune show, my Dad winning some table tennis trophy and arriving in Fremantle on my birthday. I have a vague memory of a band playing on the dock and thinking it was for me (hey I was only 6 years old). Oh how I wish we had iPhones and digital cameras in those days to record the memories.

Hello, just wondering how do i go about getting the manifest of passengers for January 1968 in Melbourne arrivals please, as my mum was on this ship with my sister, thank you

After a 2 year deployment to GB, our family returned to Melbourne on the Angelina Lauro. We arrived in September 1971. I was 11 years old at the time. One thing that I vividly remember was a storm we endured in the Great Austrakian Bight. It was horrific one night when we were knocked right over. I feared we were going to die that night. Apart from that we broke down off the coast of Africa for a couple of days. The food was uninteresting for the 2 weeks sailing across the Indian oceon to Freemantle. It was either veal or chicken for lunch and dinner. I do remember we had lots of fun in the pool and the playroom with an Australian nurse. I'd love to hear from anyone else on that sailing, particularly your recollections of that storm in the Bight. I've never been on a big ship sunce!

I returned to England from Australia in May 1970 after emigrating there six years earlier. We were a family of six my mum, dad, two brothers and my sister. I was 19 at the time. The journey was terrible through the bay of bisco the ship was swaying and we were all sea sick. Took us four days to recover. The waiters would come into the cabin with dry ham rolls. The journey would take six weeks but we were delayed on arriving in Southampton due to having to turn back to rescue a seaman who had been stabbed on the sister ship, some kind of mutiny. What an experience still remember it well looking over the railings watching him being lifted . wonderful memories though, Still have a photograph of us all sat at the round tables in the dining room with the veal and soup for lunch. collecting mail after we had docked in different countries. Wonder if anyone else was on the same journey. Sad to hear it caught fire and eventually sank.

I traveled on Angelina lauro......August 1969 ...with my father .mother and two sisters on th £19 pom father was a builder....joined a company building in n Sydney..... Came back to England in 1974....

My parents, Roberto and Sophie SIMONE, travelled with the Angelina Lauro back from Australia to Europe. My father worked at Olivetti, in Sydney. They always told me how wonderful their trip in first class was. I can't remember if they travelled in 1969 or 1970.

Hello I travelled on Angelina in 1970. We left Sth Hampton and arrived in Fremantle but I do not remember the dates. Sadly both my parents have passed and I forgot the dates. If anyone could help that would be great.

Together with my parents and brother we sent sail from Sydney harbour in May 1972 and visited the ports of Melbourne , Adelaide , Freemantle & then a 9 day crossing to South Africa stopping at Durban and Capetown. On the African continent the only other port we stopped was Dakar in Senegal. From there we set sail to Malaga in Spain and then to our final destination of Valletta , Malta. The whole voyage took exactly one month and I can truly say it was an experience of a life time.

Travelled from Southampton to Australia 1970, the ship hit a submarine off Italy, we had a choice of a week cruse on another ship or stay in a hotel in Genoa, my parents chose the hotel. It was great for a 16 year old, we went to Pompeii explored around, i loved it. Met a few good friends had great time on the ship had first taste of pizza. Landed in Freemantle then got off in Melbourne, then bus to Adelaide stayed in hostel on the Torrens then another bus to Whyalla...40 degrees in February 1970...Lots of great memories.

Hi I sailed from South Hampton to Melbourne December 1967via Capetown, Tenerife, Perth Melbourne. I go remember it was very rough and people were sick everywhere and paper bags were all over the ship. I also remember cargo getting washed off the deck.

I boarded Angelina Lauro Oct 15th 1971, bound for Sydney as a ten pound Pom, we stopped at Tenerife, Capetown , Perth, Melbourne and finally docking in Sydney 14th Nov 1971, a huge adventure, still have the equatorial dinner menu and my ticket of passage

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In reply to Leanne Rich my family emigrated from the UK to Australia on the Angelina Lauro in July 1971. I was also 11 years old and on the £10 POM passage. My memories of the six week voyage were visiting all the new places on my first big travel outside the UK - Messina, Naples, Genoa, Funchal, Cape Town, Freemantle and finally Melbourne. I was extremely sea sick in the Bay of Biscay, despite the sea being a flat calm, contrasting with no issues in the massive storm in the Australian Bight where my brother and I had fun racing from one side of the first class dance floor to the other in armchairs as the ship lurched from left to right. The waves were taller than the ship, the stabilisers broke and we then had to sail South towards Antarctica so the ship could navigate around the storm and we arrived two days late into Melbourne at the beginning of September. I recall going to the cinema many times to see films such as True Grit - in both Italian and English. When the film Poseidon Adventure was released in 1972 it brought back so many memories of the storm on board and how lucky we were.........

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