Ship Details


Iron Screw Steamer, 2,900 ihp



Built In


4,170g 2,090n


413.9 x 39.7 x 32.8


Cie. des Messageries Maritimes, 1888: Made a number of voyages on the Far East route. 1895: Converted to a triple expansion engine. 3,400 bhp, 16.8 Kts. White hull. 1901 Oct.: Towed into Marseilles by Himalaya, P & O, with a broken propeller shaft. 1914 Apr.1: Last voyage to Noumea. Taken over as a Government troop and supply ship. 1917 June 30: Enroute Marseilles-Australia she hit two mines, laid by U-34, 30 miles of Port Said. The ship broke in two. The bow portion sank in three minutes and the stern in twenty five. The survivors were picked up by the escorting French destroyers Lansquenet and Thyella. 51 dead.


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