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Iron Screw Steamer, 550 nhp.



Built In


3,847g 2,443n

Built By


384.0 x 41.3 x 35.3


Pacific Steam Navigation Co., reg. Liverpool. 1877: Chartered to Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., as Orient-Pacific Line. 1878: Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. 1887 May: Final voyage to Australia. 1889: Cruise ship to the Norwegian Fjords. 1894: P.J.Pitcher, reg. Liverpool. Used for cruising by the Polytechnic Touring Association. 1895: Ocean Cruising & Yachting Co. 1897 Broken up at Preston.


Three masted iron barque



I am interested in my granduncle Peter Conlon who sailed from Plymouth on the SS Chimborazo on Jan 25th 1878,arriving in Melbourne on March 9th. He was a successful business man in the Rocky Mount (Clarence) area.

I own an original oil painting of this SS Chimborazo. I inherited it from my Grandmother. Her uncle was the Captain of the ship.

This ship brought the first Brigidine nuns to Australia to set up schools

Eleanor Victoria Tindall, daughter of Rev. Robert Tindall and Eliza Moss, arrived in Melbourne on board the Chimborazo on the 12th March 1878.

My Great great Uncles Thomas Stephenson(24) and his brother William Stephenson(28) with wife Sarah(23) (Dixon) Stephenson arrived in Sydney 27-9-1879 aboard the Chimborazo.

My great grandparents Isaac Pryor and Elizabeth Pryor came to Australia on this ship in 1885 with 4 children and settled in Minmi and had another 10 children.

Readers - you may be interested in this Link = Chimborazo 1871 - Ship Tree = from : cheers -

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