Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 584 nhp.



Built In


9,373g 5,987n


486.7 x 58.9 x 32.6


Ellerman Lines Ltd. (City Line Ltd. Mgr), reg. Glasgow.



My family and myself, aged 4, arrived on this ship in England from Bombay 21st March 1945. I still cannot understand why we did not wait until the war officially ended , as we must have been in convoy and surely the U boats were still active on unrestricted torpedo activity. .No particular memories of the voyage (except the Gully Gully men going through the Suez Canal .This was my first time on British soil, we went to war-torn London where is was not easy to find a home to rent but ended up in Holland Park area . I believe V2s were still descending on London in those days .

Very interested to see this photo. My mother, aged 7, travelled on the City of Exeter from New York to Liverpool in November 1942. Her father had been stationed in Jamaica but was called back to the U.K. He travelled back a short while earlier whilst my mother, her mother and her 4 year old brother had to wait in New York for passage. Ships travelled in convoy. Having left New York the City of Exeter collided with another ship (the Atlantic) and had to return to New York. It could not have been too serious as 8 days later the City of Exeter joined another convoy heading back to the U.K. A risky journey. My mother recalls at one point, not far from Liverpool, the engines were turned off and everyone had to be quiet because of the threat of U boats.

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In 1939, Lord Drax (look him up - has a fun name) and other British diplomats left England on this very ship for a trip to Moscow. Their purpose - to have talks with Stalin on a Russia-Britan pact to stop Germany from invading Poland. Unfortunately, Britain was not really serious about the pact since Poland would not accept Russian troops on the land (with good reason, of course). In order to slow this process as much as possible, the British diplomats decided to use this slow ship instead of flying. Took them an entire week to get from Britain to Leningrad and then a train to Moscow.

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