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Iron Barque Steamer, 550 hp.



Built In


3,845g 2,437n

Built By


384.2 x 41.4 x 35.3


Pacific Steam Navigation Co., reg. Liverpool. 1877: Chartered to Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., as Orient-Pacific Line. 1878: Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. 1888: Triple expansion engine fitted. 1902 May 23: Final voyage to Australia. 1905 Broken up at Genoa.



My great grandfather Michael Dwyer travelled by ship , Cuzco , in 1868 , from Ireland to Australia . Do you have any record of tbis Thanks Michael

My great grandfather Michael Dwyer travelled by ship , Cuzco , in 1868 , from Ireland to Australia . Do you have any record of tbis Thanks Michael

My great great grandfather named William Nicholas Robinson was supposed to sail to Australia in 1877. I am wondering if you could help me please. Kind regards Patricia Jalanski

My great grandfather George Grace travelled on the Cuzco to Australia, arriving in Brisbane on 11th July, 1884.

Hello. My Great Grandmother Susan Mary Peters was born at St Mawes in Cornwall,England on the 7th of January 1867 and came to Australia in 1885 by the SS Cuzco. She lived in Victoria and I assume she sailed into Melbourne. Can you help? By the dates she was 18 years old. Cheers

I am currently living in a house in Minehead, Somerset, UK that is named Cuzco as it was built by a Captain or Master of SS Cuzco from 1881 to 1890. Hisname was John Kent Ridler. I have lots of information about him and the Cuzco if anyone is interested.

I have found a photo which belonged to my grandmother. It is a photo of Cuzco steamship and in each of its corners is a signature. They are: Dudley R W Parsons John Withers Geo Renshaw R. [looks like] de Y Williams. Have you any reference to any of these names on passenger or crew lists? My grandmothers single name was Williams.

Hi Peter Cooper, my great grand mother traveled to Australia on the Cuzco in 1889. It would be great to have copies of any information you care to share with me about the ship and its Captain. Thanks Phillipa.

My GRANDFATHER ,WILLIAM JONES was sixteen when his new step father decided that it was time that he moved to Australia to make his fortune. He managed to obtain a working passage on THE CUZCO and arrived in SYDNEY from PLYMOUTH on !8th February 1881. I have his CERTIFICATE of DISCHARGE and his PAY SLIP. HE never made his fortune. IS it possible to find which route the ship would have taken and the days of sailing please, sincerely DOROTHY WATTERS

My grandmother, Blanche Marie Malcolm sailed from Sydney to London in 1892. My grandfather whom she later married in UK was a ship’s steam engineer and his Captain was a lifelong friend. Was there any coincidence here?

My Great Grandfather Robert James WALKER. The SS Cuzco sailed from Tilbury, London on November 21st, 1890 and arrived into Melbourne January 3rd, 1891. Also, three sisters were aboard the SS Cuzco on the same voyage. One of the sisters Sarah Elizabeth CHURCH married Robert in 1891 in Melbourne who was my Great Grandmother. I also have a copy of Robert's diary he kept whilst onboard which make for great reading. Are you able to share the passenger list that has the three CHURCH sisters names please?

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