Ship Details


Iron Screw 3 mast Steamer, 400 hp



Built In


3,136g 2,010n

Built By


368.5 x 37.3 x 38.5


British India Steam Navigation Co.(Lim), reg. Glasgow. 1894 Oct.: Wrecked near Peniche, Portuguese coast.



My Great grandfather John Robertson was the shipwright on the Dorunda when it arrived in Brisbane 1878

If that is the same year of the Peel Island quarantine for the ship - my husband's great great granny Katrine Marie Sundstrup was the mother of many daughters who died at Peel Island, of the illness (was it cholera or typhus?)

Alfred Hollingsbee arrived in Brisbane on the Dorunda which arrived on 13th December 1886. He was from Kent and was on an assisted passage.

The Scaife family arrived in Brisbane from Yorkshire on the Dorunda in 1887. They settled in Nundah and Wooloowin.

My great grandparents were passengers on the Dorunda which arrived in Brisbane December 1886. They were married on the 19th December 1886 at St. Stephens Catherdral Brisbane. They went on to become dairy farmers at Southport, Qld and had 7 children.

My great grandmother, Lizzie (Breithaupt) Peterson sailed out of London on the Dorunda, arriving Brisbane on 2nd June 1886. My great grandfather, Carl Peterson, was a Swedish mariner and is not on the passenger list; he may have worked his passage on the Dorunda or perhaps another vessel. He worked as a pile driver but was killed (workplace accident?) a year later, two months before their baby daughter was born. I haven't found any trace of him in Australian records so far. Lizzie returned to England with her daughter, remarried and raised several children, one of whom was lost on the Lusitania.

My great grandmother, Amy Austin sailed out of Plymouth aboard the Dorunda on the 16 February 1882 at the age of 17 years old to join her sister, Ellen Bock on the other side of the World. She arrived in Brisbane on the 8th April 1882. She married Julius Dethlef Bettiens on the 12 September 1882 and settled in the Burnett District near Gin GIn, Queensland.

My Great Grandmother Kate Clifford along with her sister Mary travelled on the Dorunda from Portsmouth to Thursday Island. departing on 23rd August 1884. Kate & Mary came from Killaragoon County Kerry Ireland. They were picked up from Thursday Island and by boat and taken to Normanton Qld where they had employment waiting for them.

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