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Donaldson Lines, reg. Glasgow. 1935: Stranded upon South Briggs Reef, near Glasgow. 1935: Donaldson-Atlantic Line. Later: Served as an armed merchant cruiser, then a troop transport. 1844: Hospital ship for the Canadian Gov. 1946: British Minister of Transport for use as a troop ship and renamed. 1951: Refitted and renamed for the New Zealand migrant service. 1960 Apr.29: Arrived at Inverkeithing shipbreaking yard for scrapping.





I'm doing a family history research project and have found that my cousin Thomas Wood 1924-83 sailed from Glasgow to Melbourne 6th April 1950 on the Empire Brent. Any information you could supply would be gratefully appreciated. Kind regards, Norman George Wood

Arrived in Sydney Australia 19/3/1949 on the SS Empire Brent

My parents arrived in Fremantle aboard this ship, before traveling on to Sydney in 1948. They had one child with them at the time. After settling in the western suburbs of Sydney, they went on to have 9 children. My Father was a coal truck driver for R. W. Miller, operating out of Blackwattle Bay in Sydney. He delivered coal by tip truck, to companies that ran furnaces for power - back in those days. Companies like I.C.I., the Paper Mill, hospitals, and the Glass Factory on Southern Cross Drive. I have posted a photocopy of the menu they had on board the ship, here on this page. Have a look at the card, because my parents got signatures from other passengers. Your family relative 'might' be on the page?

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