Ship Details


Iron Screw Steamer, 60 nhp.



Built In


336g 208n


165.4 x 23.2 x 10.5


D.Rowan, reg. Glasgow. 1877 Sept.: Hugh Quin & partners (Euro SS Co.Ltd.). 1881 Aug.24: Wrecked near Beachport, SA.



The ship was launched 18 June 1874 by A.Stephen & Sons,Glasgow, for Captain William Osborne, Adelaide. Wrecked August 14, 1881 at North Creana Bay, South Australia. This was the first overseas steam vessel to enter the harbour at Port Pirie. John Maxwell [my great, great grandfather] was an Able Seaman on this ship in 1874-76, working between Port Adelaide and Port Pirie, with stops at Moonta and Wallaroo.

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