Ship Details


Iron Scew Steamer, 200 hp.



Built In


947g 499n

Built By


227.1 x 28.3 x 20.1


Tasman S.N.Co., reg. Hobart. 1891 May: Union SS.Co. of N.Z. Ltd. 1894 Feb.: J.McIlwraith, snr., reg. Melbourne. Regular service to WA. 1894 May: McIlwraith, McEacharn Ltd. 1896 Nov.: J.McIlwraith. 1907 July: Adelaide Steamship Co. 1909 Feb.12: Collided with the Tubingen in the Port River. 1910 July 22: Ran against the Wallaroo jetty. 1911: Badly damaged by fire and subsequently converted into a hulk. 1927: Sold to Peninsular Traders Ltd. Later: stripped and abandoned in the North Arm, Port Adelaide. 1938: Cut up for scrap.



Hi . Could you email me and let me know if the S.S. Flinders ever had a pool table on board as I have a pool table that very old and it has S.S. Flinders written under the table. Cheers Rauno

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