Ship Details


Steel Screw Steamer, 300 hp



Built In


2,060g 1,246n

Built By


279.7 x 38.4 x 20.0


Cargo-Passenger vessel for W.Howard Smith & Sons (Lim), reg. Melbourne. 1917-1921: China Australia Mail SS Line. Later: Patrick SS Co. Reg. Sydney. 1925: Hulked. 1933 Nov 30: Scuttled 18 miles off Sydney Heads



There was a James Pearce who boarded the steamer Gabo in Fremantle , Western Australia but fell down a hatchway into the hold and died 25 October 1894 from his injuries. One newspaper report said he was a seaman but I was wondering if he was a passenger as a different news report stated he was going to Tasmania to see his children and family....possibly via Melbourne. If his name was James Alexander Pearce born around 1855 in Tasmania he may be a relative. I wonder if he was on the passenger list or crew list?

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