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Iron Screw Steamer, 550 nhp.



Built In


3,876g 2,468n


382.1 x 41.4 x 35.7


Pacific Steam Navigation Co., reg. Liverpool. 1877: Orient-Pacific Line. 1878: Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. 1879 Mar.19: Ran upon Tapley's Shoal, SA, and after being pulled off by the Eleanor & Adelaide, returned to Pt.Adelaide for repairs. 1889: Final voyage to Australia then used for cruising. 1897: F.Waterhouse, Seattle for the Alaska goldrush. 1905: Broken up at Genoa.



Trying to trace a relative who sailed on the Garonne to Australia in 1886. His name was George Cromar Gowie

do you have any pictures of passengers from London to Sydney for Miss E Langdon Estimated Birth Year: 1863 Age: 23 Arrival Date: 30 May 1886 Arrival Port: Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia Departure Port: London Ship: Garonne Nationality: English

Interested in passenger, James Mark Whiskin on Garonne in 1888. He told the family that the ship he came to Australia on broke in two. That seems unlikely. Does anyone know more about the Garonne?

Interested in information about seaman using names Arthur or Charles (Chas) Worland. Served on Garonne in 1884. Also served on Liguria 1881 and Sorata 1881, travelling between UK and Australia. Occupations fireman and trimmer. I have information regarding some points he was in Adelaide and Melbourne and suspect he eventually settled there.

My great-grandfather Robert William Clark emigrated to South Australia on the Garonne (which commenced sailing from London to Melbourne & Sydney 17 Apr 1878) from London, arrived 14 Sep 1878. In England he had worked in the carriage workshop for Midland Railway Co. First job in Adelaide was for Messrs Mellor Bros. Franklin Street. (The 1885 SA Directory published by Sands & MacDougall listed Mellor Bros. as agricultural implement manufacturers, on the north side of Franklin Street, the last building before Morphett Street) After a few days he began working for railways in Adelaide on 20 Sep 1878. Then to Pt Wakefield workshops where he fitted up the first narrow gauge bogie carriage assembled in SA. On 25 Jul 1879 he began work for the SA Railways at Rivoli Bay in the South East. Later married, had 5 children, was widowed and went on to become Chief Inspector of Factories in South Australia.

Seeking info about Minnie Davies arrived Adelaide on Garonne 1884 with her mother, Mary, and brother, Herbert.

I was shopping in a small antique store in a little town north of Seattle a few years ago and saw a fork in a display case and I picked it up and it is marked SS GARONNE , I believe it must be from this ship. I plan on finding a way to display it along with a picture of the ship.

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