Ship Details


Screw Steamer



Built In


14,204g 8,572n


530.6 x 68.3 x 39.9


Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line Ltd., reg. London. 1955 July 6: Arrived at Shipbreaking Industries, Faslane to be scrapped.



My late grandmothers cousin was I believe Captain of both the TSS Hobsons Bay in 1923 and later the TSS Fordsdale (Melbourne). I have a number of old photos to confirm this but should like to know as much information about him and the ships he was captain of. I believe his merchant ship vanished during the Second World War but have no details in this regard. Unfortunately I only also have a christian name of Fred or Frederick. Can anyone supply any further information.

Whilst exploring my wife’s ancestry I found some of her forebears arrived on TSS Hobson Bay with the captain F. J. Ogilvie arriving Fremantle December 1923. Sounds like your relative.

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