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Steel aux.



Built In


500g 200n


160.0 x 30.9 x 10.7


Was to have been registered at Port Adelaide by R.M.Crouch. Went missing on her delivery voyage. Marine Court of Enquiry sitting in Hong Kong found that the vessel was presumed lost in the South China Seas between 100 and 150 miles south east of Hong Kong between September 27 and 29, 1958. She carried three officers, a crew of eight men and the owner's representative, John Greig, as a passenger. The master was Cpt.N.I.O.Berry. Greig had designed the Ship. [Parsons]



My Father was 1st mate on the ian crouch when it went missing in 1959 never to be heard of again... I was a young 13 year old girl when the ship was lost

Capt Norman Berry was my cousin, lost 1958 when I was a young woman of 22 years. Doug Berry (Normans brother) later settled in Tasmania. Norman’s father Fred was lost at sea on MV Culceth during WWII. Ships name shown on MN monument, Tower Hill, London.

My Brother Donald McKean, worked on the Claire Crouch, He was meant To be a crew member on the Ian Crouch but for some reason that never happened. From memory I recall it was to do with documentation.

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