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Twin Screw Steel Steamer, 1378nhp.



Built In


9,735g 6,051n

Built By


451.0 x 60.1 x 37.4


Australasian United Steam Nav Co.Ltd., reg. Fremantle. 1919: Commenced operating for the Orient Line between England and Australia. 1920 July: Lloyd Royal Belge, renamed, but repossessed by AUSN. 1923 Oct.: Sold to Osk Japan. 1942 Mar.1: Sunk by American aircraft off the coast of New Guinea.



My father's cousin, Albert Joseph Hunter Dodd died at sea aboard the steamer Indarra on 17 March 1919, at age 35. He was a seaman so I assume he was crew. His line in 'Returns of Deaths at Sea' lists him as second class steward. It gives an address in Manley, Sydney. I regret to say that the cause of death is given as acute alcoholism. The ship's coordinates in the Return put her near Sardinia, as far as this landlubber can make out. Can anyone suggest which way the ship would have been going, i.e. toward Australia or toward Britain? All clues welcome Bruce Dodd Ottawa

My Great Grandfather, Frederick Joseph PARKER, was a wharfie at Port Adelaide and was killed on 26/6/1915 when he fell down the hold of the Indarra

February 1920 Cannot have been the first voyage , because the military record of Francis Cooper indicates that he and his wife, Ethel May nee Hull, and their newborn, sailed on her after he concluded his war service. They embarked on 12 July 1919 and disembarked on 3 September 1919. I doubt the military record would be incorrect.

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