Ship Details


Steel 4 mast Barque



Built In


2,420g 2,281n

Built By


293.9 x 41.2 x 24.5


Ship"James Kerr" Co.(Lim)(E.R.Peel & G.McAllester & Sons), reg. Liverpool.



My Grandfather, Arthur Mercer lied about his age and joined the crew & sailed from Liverpool. He could never become a Captain because he was color blind. I have 2 pictures of the ship that were taken in San Francisco in 1900. My Grandfather is in the top right hand corner if the picture. CAPTAIN Power was the Captain. Grandpa settled in Canada about 1907, married and had 5 children. 2 died at birth. He delivered the mail for a number of years. He left in September, 1923 to head to Chicago, Illinois, to go back to the sea. He contacted Grandma in April, 1924 to ask for money and that was the last they ever heard from him. I often wondered where the ship was and if anyone had any idea of how I could see if I could find a trace if him.

The James Kerr was named after my great-grandfather James Hamilton Kerr. Our family owned a shipping Line and I understand all the ships they owned were always named after family members. There was a ship called The Fanny Kerr too which was named after my great grandmother Frances Hamilton Kerr. I have photographs of them taken in around the 1880’s in an old family album of which I inherited from a great aunt. I think sometimes the The Fanny Kerr is spelt as The Fannie Kerr.

Just saw I only put one ‘great’ in my previous comment. I meant my ‘great-great grandfather’ James Hamilton Kerr and great-great grandmother Frances Hamilton Kerr. Thank you

My Great Grandfather, Jerome Vivian Hallwood sailed on this ship as a member of the crew. I have a postcard of it and an oil painting that was done by my Great Grandmother. I believe that it was renamed the Isobel and that it became a pleasure ship that sank in Cuba 70 years ago. I am always very interested to hear any stories about it especially those relating to my G Grandad.

Sorry she became Isabel then Maria. She sank in Chile not Cuba.

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