Ship Details


Iron Screw Steamer, 700 hp.



Built In


4,023g 2,560n

Built By


400.7 x 42.3 x 24.3


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. Greenock. 1897 Nov.: Sold to Hajee Cassum Joosub, Bombay. 1898 Jan.: Broken up.



My grandfather, the celebrated Australian pianist and composer, traveled on the Kaisar i Hind from Southampton (dep. 1/1/1881) to Galle (arr. 30/03/1881) and entertained the passengers with his first published work The Empress of India (Kaisar i hind) Gallop. He kept a detailed journal of his experiences aboard ship and ashore and which contains many amusing anecdotes about the other passengers. At Galle he transshipped to the Rosetta for Melbourne via Albany and Glen Elg. I am preparing a transcription of the journal for publication under the title The Cruise of the Kaisar.

My Great Grandfather, William Corby traveled second class on the Kaisar I Hind from London to Sydney in 1885 (arr. 24 Nov), in order to continue his job as a Coachman with the newly appointed Governor of NSW, Lord Carrington.

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