Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 1204 nhp



Built In


9,118g 5,628n

Built By


480.6 x 58.2 x 37.7


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.Originally to have been called Khorassan. 1815 Apr.: Took part in the Gallipoli campaign, landing two batteries of guns. 1918 - 19: Hospital ship in the White Sea operations against Bolsheviks. 1919 Dec.: Maiden commercial voyage. 1932 Feb.12: Sold to Japanese ship breakers.



My Great uncle George Arthur Suter (Able Seaman - RNVR - Benbow Batt) trawled on the S. S. Kalyan to Gallipoli in 1915. Summary of his letter sent home: Letter in pencil from Able Seaman Arthur Suter, RNVR, Z/350 London to his father and mother, undated, written from 3rd Sec C Coy, Benbow Batt, RN Div, British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, c/o GPO London. on board S.S. Kalyan. They were not allowed ashore at Gibraltar and only stay at anchor for three houres. A swarm of locusts landed on board. Describes life on board. The ship is on her maiden voyage. There are Lascars in the crew but they "are not bad fellows". Passed in sight of Algiers, Sicily and arrived at Malta. 3 pages long

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