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Wooden Paddle Steamer, 16 hp




70g 58n

Built By


90.6 x 17.2 x 6.0


Edward Whiteley, reg. Sydney. 1888 Sept.: James Wilson, grazier of Lower Tarwin, Vic. 1894 Sept: B.R.Wilson. 1896 Mar.: Edward Rich, of Bourke. 1899: E.Rich & Co.Ltd. 1907 May: Permewan, Wright & Co.Ltd. 1917 July: Budarick Bros, of Murray Bridge. 1918 Feb.: Knox & Downs Ltd. 1919: Murray Shipping Ltd. Customs closes with 'Broken up, 1920'. 1944: Harbors Board report said 'At Bryant's Creek, close in, and only the stern post and a few frames showing'. Her engine is reported to have gone into the Ruby.



I have an original 19th(?) century photograph of Lancashire Lass moored at unknown river port. Town in background. Also a similar photograph of paddle steamer Hero. Possibly taken by my great grandfather NSW surveyor Robert McDonald. Do you have an interest in these?

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