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Twin Screw Steamer, 2,632 nhp.



Built In


20,914g 12792n


600.8 x 73.4 x 48.6


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. Belfast. Sister to Mooltan. 1930: Re-engined with Bauer-Wach exhaust geared turbines. 1939 Oct.: Converted at Bombay to an armed merchant cruiser. 1941: Troopship. 1948: Resumed Australian passenger service. 1954: Sold to British Iron & Steel for scrapping at Inverkeithing.



My Dad sailed on the ss Maloja. crossing the equator on 17th oct 1951. received a King Neptune Certificate. He sailed from England, emigrating to Australia. Any further information would be welcome.

I arrived on ship Maloja age 11months with my mother and 3 other siblings. Mother's name Bridget Hunt . It was November 1953 my name was Carol Theresa Hunt we disembarked in Melbourne . I would like manifest of the passenger's or if you can find out any information on myself and my arrival . My father arrived befor us as he transferred to the RAAF BASE SALE

A few years ago I bought photograph in a second hand shop of the engineer staff of the S.S Maloja seated on the deck. I am thinking it's taken in 1923 due to the framing sticker on the back. The company who framed it was Geo.Styles of Rowe Street Sydney. I established that this framing business ceased in 1923 - the same year that this ship was launched. I have all the names of the staff as they have personally signed the card surrounding the photograph. I have tried to find more about the staff as a way of possibly finding a descendant but to no avail.

I believe we were on the Maloja crossing the equator in October 1951. We were my mother (Eunice) myself and my 2 brothers. We disembarked in Sydney.

We came out from England on this ship in April 1952 to settle in Launceston Tasmania. My mother Ursula Mary Bentley my father Sidney Bentley, myself Elizabeth Margaret Bentley aged nearly 7 and my brother Ian Howard Bentley aged about 3. I have a postcard somewhere.

Attention : Elizabeth Price. I had my 12th Birthday on Maloja a few days out of Tilbury UK in July 1952. Knight family of 5 going to Brisbane Australia where we arrived in August 1952 after a 6 week voyage which stopped at all the main Aust Ports on the way. Guess your family must have got off in Melbourne if they were going to Tasmania. Great memories - what an adventure at age of 12 !

I arrived in Melbourne with my family on the “Maloja” on August 15, 1953. I was seven.

Mijn Opa, Oma en vader met z'n broers en zussen zijn in dec 1950 vanuit Indonesië met de Maloja aangekomen in Nederland. Mijn Opa was KNIL militair (sgt mj). Opa Angenois Oma Pattikawa

I arrived in Melbourne in September 1948 with my parents who were ten pound Poms. My father came out to work for Malvern Star who were making bikes at their city factory which is now the sight of Jeff's shed.

My father - A E Halley came out from London on the ship, arriving in Freemantle 30/6/36 en route to Rabaul in Territory of Papua New Guines - now PNG

I sailed on the RMS Maloja with my father Dr.D.P.Varma from Bombay to England in 1952. Dr.D.P.Varma got his PhD in University of Leeds, his dissertation was published as The Gothic Flame. He went on to become the world's leading authority in Gothic Literature

My father, Ronald Lionel Cardy, sailed aboard SS Maloja from Tilbury, @ 25/5/1950 for Fremantle, W.A., arriving @ 3/7/1950. He returned to Southampton in August 1965 aboard MV Fairsea of the Sitmar Line, with my mother, Mollie Ines Cardy(Mcguire,Shearing), brother, David Francis Cardy and myself.

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