Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 1,847 nhp.(M class)



Built In


10,941g 5,935n

Built By


540.0 x 61.3 x 24.6


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. Greenock. 1909 Jan.29: Maiden voyage, Tilbury - Colombo - Melbourne - Sydney. 1910: Collided with "Nairn" off Colombo.1917: Troopship. 1920 Sept.24: Resumed Australian service. 1932 Dec.16: Sold & broken up in Japan.



My grandmother and her 2 children (1 being my mother) sailed on this ship when it returned to the UK at the outbreak of WW1.

My grandfather, Colonel E.W. Latchford and the rest of the Australian officers seconded to the secret mission to NW Persia, called Dunsterforce in 1918, used this ship to cross from Italy to Egypt.

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