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Motor Vessel



Built In


20,551g 11,601n


656'5" x 83'6" x 28'10"


N.V.Stoomv.Maats."Nederland", reg. Amsterdam. 1939 Sept.: Maiden voyage from Amsterdam to Djakarta. 1940: Handed over to the British. 1941 Mar.: Arrived at Sydney & converted to a hospital ship, performing 41 voyages during the war. 1945 Nov.: Returned to home port. 1947 July: Dutch East Indies trade. 1958 Nov.: First commercial voyage to Australia. 1964 May 4: Final voyage to Melbourne & Sydney. 1964 Sept.: Sold to Flotta Lauro & Renamed. 1965 Aug.24: Caught fire in genoa during major refit. 1966 Feb.: Departed Bremerhaven for Australia via Suez. 1967: To Australia via South Africa. 1970: Cruising from Australia. 1972 Apr.: Final Voyage to Australia. 1972 Nov.: Cruising the Caribbean. 1979 Mar.30: Destroyed by fire at St.Thomas. Refloated to be broken up in Taiwan. 1979 Sept.24: Sank while under tow in the Pacific.


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