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Motor Vessel



Built In


20,551g 11,601n


656'5" x 83'6" x 28'10"


N.V.Stoomv.Maats."Nederland", reg. Amsterdam. 1939 Sept.: Maiden voyage from Amsterdam to Djakarta. 1940: Handed over to the British. 1941 Mar.: Arrived at Sydney & converted to a hospital ship, performing 41 voyages during the war. 1945 Nov.: Returned to home port. 1947 July: Dutch East Indies trade. 1958 Nov.: First commercial voyage to Australia. 1964 May 4: Final voyage to Melbourne & Sydney. 1964 Sept.: Sold to Flotta Lauro & Renamed. 1965 Aug.24: Caught fire in genoa during major refit. 1966 Feb.: Departed Bremerhaven for Australia via Suez. 1967: To Australia via South Africa. 1970: Cruising from Australia. 1972 Apr.: Final Voyage to Australia. 1972 Nov.: Cruising the Caribbean. 1979 Mar.30: Destroyed by fire at St.Thomas. Refloated to be broken up in Taiwan. 1979 Sept.24: Sank while under tow in the Pacific.



Hello, our family sailed on the Oranje from Europe and disembarked in Melbourne in 1960. Do you have records of the passengers and be able to tell me the date the Oranje arrived in Melbourne in 1960? Thank you Regards Peter

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