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Steel Twin Screw Passenger Liner




41,910g 12,835n


804' x 97'2" x 32'


Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. 1960 Nov.: Maiden voyage to Lisbon. 1960 Dec.3: First voyage to Australia then on to the transpacific service Sydney-Auckland-Vancouver-San Francisco. 1986: Taken out of service & berthed as a permanent theme park in Xinghai Bay, Dalian, China. 2004 June: Broke from her moorings & partly flooded. Sank a few weeks later.



Hi Parents Adam Ross Bremner,Lilian Mary Bremner and Brothers Alexander David Bremner,Douglas Ian Bremner,Colin Donald Bremner Sailed on the SS Oriana to Australia do you no anything about them

Passengers of the Oriana in 1966 to New Zealand via Australia KR Hasso

my parents John and Bertha Smith , my two brothers Simon Smith and Frank Smith and I travelled on the Oriana through the Suez canal to Australia in August 1961(Melbourne). can you tell us the exact dates?

My family travelled to Australia from Montreal, Quebec , Canada in 1962 and came back 1963 is there away to get a passenger list of manifest from that year. We made a few stops along the way . It would be nice to get some info from that time I was only 9 years old.

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