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Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 2,120 nhp.



Built In


14,982g 9,021n


580.5 x 66.7 x 40.5


Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., reg. Glasgow. 1918 June: Completed as a troopship. 1919: Maiden voyage to Australia. 1923: Converted from coal to oil burning. 1933: Refitted to a one class ship. 1939: Troopship. Took part in the evacuations of Norway & France. 1942 Nov.: Present at North African landings, then Sicily & Italy. 1944: Based at Bombay for Far East trooping. 1947: Returned to Australian emigrant service. 1952 Dec.1: Left London bound for the breaker's yard at Dalmuir, Scotland.



A copy of the history of the ship S.S. Ormonde, presumably picked up on the vessel. This ship carried my grandfather back to the UK after his duty in Burma after WWII

love a pdf of the history of the Ormonde if at all possible

My grandfather served in the east lancashire regiment and travelled on the Ormonde back to Plymouth in 1936 and trying to find out more about his military service and where he would have served if anyone has any info about where the troops on the Ormonde would have been serving in the late 1930's I would be most grateful. Thank You Mike

I came to Australia on the Ormonde in 1948 with my Dad and brother. Took us nearly 6 weeks. But was wonderful.

I also came to Australia on the Ormonde with my parents and sister as an eight year old leaving England 29th January 1948 and arriving in Sydney 8th March 1948

My grandfather Ermanno Nicoletti was a prisoner of war in Australia (NSW), he was repatriated on 31-Dec-46 and went back to Italy on board of the Ormonde. I'd like to have more information on this, details of the trip, dates, places, number of passengers, etc. Thanks in advance! :)


My grandfather traveled on the SS Ormond when it was a troop carrier. I have two sterling silver candlestick holders that he "souvenired".

I travelled from England with my mother on the ships last voyage to Australia in 1951 or 1952 from memory. My Father had travelled ahead and met us in Sydney when we disembarked. I was 6 years old. Im now 74 yet still have vivid memories of the Ormode and never forgot her name.

I believe my mother (who died in 2005) then aged 13/14 and her family sailed on the Ormond from India following partition in 1947. They disembarked at Tilbury. I’d like more information if anyone can help.

I know a lady who came from India on SS Ormond in 1947 after Partition and I am sure she would be happy to talk to you. However, I am on holiday in France at the moment and will be back in Scotland until 7th November and will speak to her then - she doesn’t have email.

My sister sailed for Australia on the Ormonde as an five year old in July 1951. She traveled from London with a young couple (not our parents) to Fremantle WA. I never heard the names of the young couple that took care of her. My sister passed away some years ago.

My father, Charles Henry Gibbs, from Grays, Essex was, he told me, head barkeeper on the Ormonde when it was a cruise ship prior to the second world war. He mentioned that Betty Driver, later to be Betty Turpin in Coronation Street, sang in the band during some of the cruises. He also served on the ship during the war and he would point the ship out to me when it appeared in the Atlantic convoys on the TV programme, The World at War during the 1960s He was born in 1902 and died in the late 1980s.

My Grandfather travelled back from WW1 after serving in France on the Ormonde, it took 2 months !!

The Ormonde is subject of a 1938 picture 'Last Goodbyes' by Max Dupain, showing people waving as it leaves Woolloomooloo Passenger Terminal in Sydney, with streamers trailing behind it.

My parents and I (about 10 years old then) left Southampton, England to Brisbane, Australia on an Assisted Passage Scheme for British immigrants going to Australia. I think it was around 1948? I played the violin well enough as a child to play classical music and actually had a small piece written about me in the Brisbane Newspaper when we arrived there showing me with my violin. Both my parents are deceased and I am now 83 years old as I write this. I am curious if that newspaper article was even archived digitally?

I have the Shopping List for SS Ormonde. Brass cover with small Shopping List note pad inside

My friend John N Davies, Postal Historian, bought a postcard of SS Ormonde dated & postmarked Naples 1932, addressed to a "Miss Govan" of Christchurch New Zealand. It's written in neat fountain pen ink & describes a trip to the Pyramids & Cairo Museum etc.

my great aunt maud terry born in kent england age 32 came to austrlia on this ship in 1923 which began a long line of our family coming to australia

Hello I live in sweden and i have a powderbox or something from SS Ormonde. Manufacturer Mappin & Webb. Some collector interested of this object?

I travelled on the SS Ormond at the age of 4 with my family and arrived in Brisbane on the 23 May 1949. I boxed on board and only lost one fight. Whilst in Sydney I was spotted by a Sydney photographer who took my photo in my kilt. I still have the photo today.

I believe my grandfather Bernard coleman came to Australia on this ship in either 1919 or 1927 ,how do I find passengers list Regards Jo

I believe my grandfather Bernard coleman came to Australia on this ship in either 1919 or 1927 ,how do I find passengers list Regards Jo

My father, Thomas John Meredith, was repatriated to the UK on the SS Ormonde after three and a half years as a prisoner of war with the Japanese. After the hell he went through the voyage felt like being in the lap of luxury he told me. The ship left Rangoon on september 26th 1945, calling at Colombo on 2nd october, Suez on 12th october and docked at Southampton on 22nd october. My dad always kept a postcard of the SS Ormonde, the ship that carried him to freedom.

Hi all, my name is Joe Murrins. I am writing a story about my trip to Australia in 1952 on the Ormonde. I was an orphan in Bala Nazareth House and was transferred to Nazareth House in Swansea. I was 5 years old when I was herded like cattle along with other children when I boarded the Ormonde in Cardiff Wales as a child migrant/orphan. I was sent to Australia under the guise of a better life which was never my experience. All I got was pain and suffering in the 2 orphanages Castledare and Bindoon Boystown. I along with many others suffered horrific abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers. I am a man of 75 years of age and am still suffering to this very day. I know there are many more like me who endured the suffering, pain and mental anguish due to horrific abuses and I hope it never happens again. The irony and hypocrisy of the filthy, disgusting, evil predatory perpetrators who committed these heinous crimes on the most vulnerable children in the name of the Lord and got away with it. 'Suffer the little children who come unto me" Was bloody well right!

My grandfather, Rochfort John Carson died on board the Ormonde on his return journey to England on 20th September 1919 and is buried in the Red Sea. I can’t find any record of the Ormonde sailing from Australia at that time. My mother was a small child on board and mentioned that they followed mine sweepers on the way back to England.

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