Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 854 nhp.



Built In


7,899g 5,055n


477.5 x 63.1 x 31.3


Shaw Savill & Albion Co.Ltd., reg. Southampton. 1950 May: Broken up at Briton Ferry.



My Husband's Grandfather, Wi Nikora aka George Nicholls, was aboard this ship in 1916 on his way to england to fight in WW1 with the Maori Battalion.

Our great uncle Ed. Crompton left Liverpool on 13 April, 1911 on S.S. Pakeha and arrived in Sydney 18 May, 1911. He is on page 10 of the Ship's manifest. But, of course his name was not Ed. Crompton - it was Edward Victor Crampton ex R.N. late of H.M.S. Encounter, Australian Station.

My Great Grandparents, Tom and Sophia Haines, left Southampton 7 November 1924 bound for New Zealand.

My Great Grandfather (John Joseph HEPBURN) came home from WW1 on the 'Pakeha' in 1919.

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