My 2nd and 3rd great grandfathers arrival. Listed as both Porzel and Pürzel in shipping records. After arriving they farmed in the area of Shea Oak Log, SA, before moving to the Byaduk/Knebsworth area in Western Victoria (where they helped build the Zion/Neukirck Lutheran Church) and finally settling in the Henty/Walla Walla are of NSW. ARRIVED. Sunday, September 27th—The ship Pauline, 500 tons, Stelljer, master, from Bremen. Passengers—-Messrs Wedemeyer, Groose, Henkel, Frolich, and Mrs.Henkel and child, in the cabin; Müller (baker), wife, and three children, Wallman, Droop (baker), Kolwer, wife, and child, Wohlers, wife, and two children, H. Mugge, Adelheid Müller, H. Kohne and wife, Koch, wife, and five children, H. Spiers and wife, Mahlstedt, Lameke, Asche, Kindop, Kerf, Armbrecht, Schwarzenbeck, Wahre, Pleitner, Dornhecker, Schröder, Grotegert (cabinetmaker), Wark, wife, and four children, Johanna Brink-man, Heinrich Meyer, Joh. Bussenschurt, Alb. Bussens-chutt, Wiedenhofer, wife, and three children, Anna Wei-denhofer and child, Borwemann, Ristedt, H. Palm, Kanf-mann (shoemaker), wife, and two children, Bottensdorf (carpenter), wife, and two children, Gerich (tailor) ,and wife. Pürzel (smith), wife, and child, Hankel (smith), wife, and child, Rathon (smith), Peters (wheelwright), Kuhnel (joiner), wife, and child. F. Cranz, Jos. Meyerhoff, wife. and two children, F. Hansel, F.Heinraschke, wife, and four children, Berling (smith), wife, and child, Kranert (joiner), wife, and five children, Weidenbach (smith), Wiesner (smith), Richter (smith), Gericke (carpenter), R. Wache and wife, R. Gersmann, F. Muller and wife, G. Weidner, wife, and two children, Tischer, mother, two sisters and brother, Matiske, wife, and five children, Kliem, wife, and child, Heibner, wife, and two children, Schemansky and two children, Sommer and wife, Wilhelm and five children. Gogel,wife, and three children, Hartwich, wife, and six children, Raschk, Mrs Urbasch and four children, Schulz, wife, and child, F. Wilhelm, wife, and child, Marnschke. wife, and three children, Lange, Weinert, wife, and three children Henssler, wife, and four children, Wm. Henssler, wife, and six children, L. Stotte, wife, and child, Bottens-dorf (carpenter), wife, and two children, and H. Rohrlach,   in the steerage. Same Day—The brigantine Joseph Albino. 147 tons, Finnis. master, from the Cape of Good Hope and King George's Sound. Passengers fiom the Cape— Capt, and Mrs Beevor, four children, and two servants, Mr and Mrs Wareing and and two children, Mr Elphinstone, Mr and Mrs Southwood, and Mr Niemann. From King George's Sound Mr Belcher, Mrs Smith, Miss Lawson, and Miss McKenzie. Source: ADELAIDE SHIPPING. (1846, September 30). South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), p. 4.

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