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Twin-Screw Turbo-Electric, 28000 shp




22,568g 13,400n


638.7 x 80.2 x 33.1


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. London. Australian service via Suez, Bombay & Colombo. 1931 Feb.12: Maiden voyage. 1939-45: Troopship. Carried 128,961 personnel. 1946-47: Reconditioned , now just one funnel, not three. 1948 Jan.: Resumed Australian service. 1954: Converted to one class ship. Bombay omitted from route. 1961 Mar.28: Final voyage to Australia. 1961 Jul. 24: Arrived at Hong Kong to be broken up by Shun Fung Iron Works.



In 1948 my family travelled from Tilbury docks London to Adelaide South Australia on the Strathaird we were a family of nine travelling first class. Family name Yates.

I left Sydney (Beverley Rogers) in July, 1960 on the Strathaird to go to Naples and then deboat and go to the Rome Olympics

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I travelled on Strathaird with my family from Egypt to Portsmouth in 1954. I remember the nursery and the cabins. I was 6 at the time

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I emigrated with my mum and dad to Australia one of years the Suez Canal was shut . I can remember although I was around 9 crossing the equator and being dipped by King Neptune on the Straithard. We had already been to Australia before when I was around 3 but that time by plane and was in New York hospital enroute with hooping cough while my dad travelled on to Australia to his new job. I was 15 when he died and after his death found out that he worked once at Dorman and Long Middlesborough before he met my mum and help build Sydney Harbour Bridge with 1000s of other engineers. I have a photo taken on the Straithard with some of the passengers

I came from England in January 1948 on the P&O Strathaird with my mother and sister and two brothers. Is there anyone reading this who may have been there too? I was 4

We left Tilbury docks in March 1961 and arrived in Fremantle in April 1961. I would like to know the route that was taken and all the stops that we made. Thanks in advance.

I went from Bombay to London is 1962, with my mum and siblings, how do I find out what ship we were on? Mrs D.M.Kee or Eileen Kee

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