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114'1" x 28'8"


Lewis & Co., reg. London. 1845 & 1846: Convict transport.



I arrived in Australia with my parents Frances and Cec Thomas on the SS Stratheden from England to Australia in 1952 when I was 4 years old with my older brother. I only have one definate date and that is of crossing the equator 14th May 1952 as stated on a charming cetificate from King Neptune granting me 'Freedom of the Seas' signed by Staff Captain M Pearce.

I travelled on board the Stratheden from Algiers to Glasgow in early 1943.

I remember crossing from Hobart to Melbourne on the Stratheden when I was about 10. It must have been 1963. I was with my great aunt and I remember she smuggled some bantam hens into our cabin and the rooster started crowing at dawn the next morning. It was a fairly rough crossing.

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