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Built In




111'3" x 26'11" x 19'6"


Thacker & Co., reg. London.


Fully Rigged Ship




my great great grandfather was on the Trusty. Came using a false name Charles Trout. His real name was Charles St Julian

My Great Great Grandmother, Jane Jones, was a 19 year old Housemaid which she made her journey to Adelaide on the "Trusty" arriving in Port Adelaide, on 15th May, 1838. Shortly after her arrival, she met William Joseph Strummy and they were married in Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide in September, 1838. In 1839 their daughter was born, and by 1840, Adelaide was in the grips of a severe drought. With courage in both hands, they set sail on the "New Holland" for Sydney and then on to Paterson where they settled. They fulfilled their dreams by buying a small property in the St Clair area and raised 9 children.

My 3rd Great Grandmother, Ann Wade (Also known as Ann Peacock) came out to Australia on the "Trusty" arriving in Port Adelaide, on 15th May, 1838. She travelled with Robert Wade and his wife Mary Ann. We do not know how Robert was related to Ann and know nothing about him and his wife. But Ann married John Patrick Mahoney shortly after arriving in Adelaide and they had five children, the eldest was Ellen Mary Mahoney who was my 2nd Great grandmother. John Mahoney left and went to the Victorian Gold Fields to make his fortune intending to return to his family a rich man, but died on the goldfields. If anyone knows anything about Robert and Mary Ann Wade who travelled with my 3/great grandmother I would love to hear from you.

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