11/12/1848 - 25/03/1849

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Sunday, December 10, 1848


Arrive Date

Saturday, March 24, 1849

Journey Notes

Friday 19th Jan. 1849 At 11 A.M., on investigating a charge made by Ann Shepherd against the following girls : Phoebe Spooner, Cath. Morgan, Jane Downey and Margaret Mack; we found on due enquiry that they made use of the most scurrilous language to her, also knocked her down, when doing so, they also took from her a quantity of biscuit batter; we therefore deemed it necessary for the better carrying out the regulations, to punish them with several stripes on the shoulders in the presence of the matron Mrs. Kearns, and the constables Baker, Fisher, & Berry; it was principally in consequence of their general bad conduct that the aforesaid punishment was carried into effect. [Quoted in a letter to "The Col. Sec." by the emigrant agent Charles Brewer 28/4/1849]


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