15/12/1854 - 07/04/1855

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Thursday, December 14, 1854


Arrive Date

Friday, April 6, 1855

Journey Notes

The ship Lady McDonald is owned by Mr.Dunbar, of London. The log reports a somewhat rough passage out. On the 10th March there was experienced a sad loss through the boisterous state of the weather; the ship being then in lat.44°29'S.,long.50°7'E., the barometer ranging at 28°40', a very rough sea struck her starboard quarter, to the davits of which was slung a lifeboat, one of the crew, a Lascar, being near the boat at the time. The immense body of water came with such force as to carry away the boat from her lashings, and, together with her, the unfortunate Lascar, who was not seen afterwards. Register 8/4/1855


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