13/02/1855 - 12/05/1855

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Depart Date

Monday, February 12, 1855


Arrive Date

Friday, May 11, 1855

Journey Notes

Wreck of the Nashwauk The Nashwauk, a fine ship built 18 months ago, as the captain informs us, of between 700 and 800 tons, sailed from Liverpool for Adelaide on the 13th February, under the command of Captain McIntyre. She had on board nearly 300 emigrants, chiefly Irish, among whom there were 130 single girls, and a general cargo. She made a quick and favourable passage, but on Sunday morning (the 89th day) unfortunately went ashore in the Gulf. The accident happened exactly opposite Mr.Harriott's house, about two miles below the mouth of the Onkaparinga, and notice reached Noarlunga by daybreak. Mr.Birrell, the postmaster, sent instantly to the wreck, urging the Captain to land the mail and to put the passengers ashore, as there was at that time every prospect of rough weather. At 1 o'clock the landing of the passengers commenced, and the whole came to Noarlunga in the course of the afternoon and evening. The surgeon-superintendent also came to the township, and afterwards Captain McIntyre and the ship's crew, the mates remaining on the beach to watch the wreck. By the exertions of several inhabitants the passengers were lodged in the Mill cottages and other empty houses; and a quantity of bread was baked, 8 to 10 sheep were killed, and tea was prepared by bucketful. In short, everything was done that the kindest hospitality could suggest, but the conduct of the emigrants has led to much remark. Many of the girls behaved in a most discreditable manner, showing plainly that they were either unfit to have been sent as emigrants, or that they had been sadly corrupted on the voyage. On this painful subject we need not enlarge, as there can be no doubt a very searching enquiry will be instituted by the proper authorities, not only into the circumstances attending the loss of the ship, but into the conduct of all concerned during the passage, and after the catastrophe. Register 15/5/1855


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