22/07/1862 - 30/10/1862

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Monday, July 21, 1862


Arrive Date

Wednesday, October 29, 1862

Journey Notes

The Sir John Lawrence arrived on Thursday morning, after a favourable passage of 88 days from Plymouth, from which port she sailed on the afternoon of the 2nd August. During the first week or two of the voyage contrary weather prevailed, but after doubling Cape Finisterre the run to the Cape Verde Islands was made in fine weather, and hopes of a quick passage were entertained; as the vessel was in first rate trim, and if the run down trades had only proved satisfactory she would doubtless have been here in 78 days; but unfortunately the N.E. trade winds were scant, and in consequence it was the 3rd September before the equinoctial line was crossed, and in the S.E. trades the vessel was set down on the Brazilian coast to such an extent that several tacks were made before getting to the southward of Bahia. On September 24 passed the Island of Tristan d'Acunha; and on October 1 rounded the Cape of Good Hope. A capital run was made from the Cape to the Leeuwin , but, as usual, on nearing the Australian land the wind drew from the eastward, and several days were lost. Dr.Duncan boarded her on his visit of inspection, and therefore all those who have friends on board will suffer no detention in their landing, the vessel's draught of water having enabled her to proceed into the harbour at once. Register 31/10/1862



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