29/11/1862 - 14/02/1863

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Friday, November 28, 1862


Arrive Date

Friday, February 13, 1863

Journey Notes

The Morning Star was signalled on Saturday morning shortly after daylight, but from the light air prevailing from the northward she was not boarded till towards midday, when the telegraph being incapable, the shipping telegram could not be forwarded to the city. She is a fine large ship, and has been constantly employed in the transport of passengers to the colonies under the command of Captain Matthews, who is a veteran in the service. The ship was delayed for several days at Liverpool, but ultimately sailed on Nov. 20, and in 75 days she reached a position 70 miles from Kangaroo Island, when the prevailing variables caused the concluding portion of the voyage to be very tedious, although she arrived on the 85th day. She has but a limited portion of cargo for Adelaide, and immediately on its discharge she is intended to proceed to Bombay. FATAL ACCIDENT - On the 17th January one of the seamen of the Morning Star was lost overboard, and although very fine weather at the time, he was unfortunately drowned. It was in 43° 56' S., 34° 4' E that, after being relieved from the wheel at 8 p.m., the man walked forward, and was engaged in taking in some of his clothes which were hanging on the jib-guy, when some mischance occurred by which he fell overboard, and on the alarm being given, the helm was put down, and Clifford's patent lowering apparatus brought into request; but it was too late, for the man sunk in sight of the vessel. Register 16/2/1863.


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