02/07/1864 - 12/10/1864

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Friday, July 1, 1864


Arrive Date

Tuesday, October 11, 1864

Journey Notes

The Adamant sailed from London on the 2nd of Julyand at Plymouth embarked 368 emigrant, taking her final departure on the 16th. The early part of the voyage was marked by a continuance of very light weather, whichhad the effect of limiting progress to about 30 to 45 miles per day, only crossing the Line on the 14th August. But it was evident other vessels were not as much favoured as her, for the Margaret Pugh when spoken, on the 40th day out, was 60 days from Liverpool and on the 47th day from Plymouth. The Adamant spoke another ship 60 days from Cardiff. After crossing the equator the winds were ahead for a long period, and in making the southing five tacks were necesary, when favourable trades might reasonablly have been expected. The Cape being rounded, winds were propitious; but when in lat.47° S. long.100° E. in a snow squall, the only accident of the voyage occured by being taken flat aback when under a press of sail. The foretopsail was split, the mizentopmast came down with a crash, the mainyard was sprung, and some of the head stays parted. There being several mechanics on board, who turned to with a will, the damage was repaired in a couple of days, the detention being very trifling. She was towed into harbour on Thurseday. Register 14/10/1864


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