14/09/1863 - 09/01/1864

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Sunday, September 13, 1863


Arrive Date

Friday, January 8, 1864

Journey Notes

The Northumberland is a vessel of nearly 900 tons, which arrived from London and Plymouth on Saturday. The voyage out has been over the ordinary duration, from the remarkably fine weather experienced. She left London on September 14, and plymouth on September 26, but progress southward was much delayed, and in consequence did not pass Madeira till October 9, after which date a course of light variables induced the hope that the wind would freshen in the trades, but throughout the N.E. and S.E. trades light airs predominated to such an extent that 69 days were passed before rounding the Cape. Indeed, throughout the voyage a gale as one of its most remarkable incidents; for only one of noteworthy violence occured, in which the sea made a breach on board, and half filled the cabin. Register 11/1/1864


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