16/08/1865 - 06/12/1865

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Tuesday, August 15, 1865


Arrive Date

Tuesday, December 5, 1865

Journey Notes

The immigrant ship Maori arrived on Wednesday morning, after being 119 days out, and on reaching the anchorage brought up to wait the following morning's tide. Captain Roberts reports a passage characterized by fair winds and light weather - too light indeed to make rapid progress - and 43 days elapsed before crossing the Line on October 12 in long.24°W. The meridian of the Cape was passed on November 7; but even off the pitch of that promontory there were no heavy gales to record in the logbook, though, on running down the easting, the speed was well kept up, making an average of 200 miles for 32 days. during the entire voyage nothing of interest occurred, and only a few vessels, entirely unconnected with the colony, were spoken. Register 7/12/1865


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