25/07/1866 - 07/11/1866

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Tuesday, July 24, 1866


Arrive Date

Tuesday, November 6, 1866

Journey Notes

The Peeress arrived on Wednesday after an admirable passage from Plymouth, characterized by light variables. Form Madeira to the Line, light south-east trades, and light winds generally across the southern parallel, but notwithstanding this she has completed the voyage in about 90 days, bringing her living freight of immigrants in admirable order and condition. Captain Tilmouth is not a stranger here, having entered an appearance on previous occasions when the Lord Raglan and Trafalgar were trading here. His report of the voyage is destitute of starling incidents. He left Plymouth on August 9 with strong westerly gales, which continued for several days, but afterwards became light and variable. On the 30th day out the Line was crossed after being for four days becalmed to the northward of it. The southeast trades were moderate, and fine weather continued till off St.Paul's, where it blew furiously for a while, but she made a capital run along the parallel of 40°, having rounded the Cape on October 7, and got to Cape Leuwin on November 3. Mr.Pilot Reid boarded her when off Glenelg, and as soon as she reached the anchorage Captain Tilmouth landed to secure if possible the service of the Eleanor for the morning tide. If she is successful she will tow into harbour and moor at once in the stream; but if unsuccessful she will be taken in on Friday morning, and thus save the relatives of people on board the unpleasant trip from the Semaphore Jetty. Register 8/11/1866


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