26/10/1866 - 02/04/1867

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Thursday, October 25, 1866


Arrive Date

Monday, April 1, 1867

Journey Notes

The Wandrahm, of Peter Goddefroy's Line of Hamburg packets, arrived on Tuesday, after a passage of 122 days from Cuxhaven, or 107 days from the Lizard. The present commander was only appointed to the vessel three days before her departure from Hamburg. Though ready for sea on November 1, she was wind bound for one month, and on getting outside had a continuation of westerly gales till passing the Lizard, consequently her first start was only a propitious one. For 15 days she contended against heavy gales; but after making southing the light N.E. trades set in, bringing pleasant weather till crossing the Line, when the calms were provokingly lengthy, and it was several days before she could make good progress. The Equinox was crossed in 28° west, and it was the 22nd February before passing the meridian of the Cape. The easting was made on a parallel of 44° to 45°, and having brisk westerly breezes the ship scampered along on a good round pace till on the meridian of the Leuwin, when light easterly weather set in, preventing a rapid termination to the voyage. A fortnight has been occupied over the last 200 miles. The Wandrahm has on board the usual miscellaneous assortment of a Hamburg cargo and about 47 passengers, some of whom are returning colonists who have been paying a visit to Fatherland. It is a remarkable fact that seldom are the voyages by this line marred by sickness or death. In the present instance the people are in excellent health and spirits. The ship draws more water than can be taken over the bar, therefore there is a probability of her remaining outside or proceeding to the mooring in Light's Passage. Register 3/4/1867


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