31/07/1873 - 30/10/1873

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Wednesday, July 30, 1873


Arrive Date

Wednesday, October 29, 1873

Journey Notes

The Asterope, a fine vessel of Aberdeen build, has before appeared here. Captain Homer reports leaving London on July 31, and after sailing down the Channel, and landing the pilot on August 6, he quitted the land. West winds continued till the craft was in the fair way for the north-east trades, which were met with in 31° N., and although these were light the vessel's progress was satisfactory till she reached 17°, when they failed, and the Line was drifted over on September 6 in 21° 29' W. The southeast trades were not vigorous, and in 18° S. they failed entirely. On October 1 the ship was off the Cape in lat. 42° 30', and from there she has had fine breezes till coming in with the Australian land, when light variables and north-east winds greatly retarded progress. On Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock the Borda was sighted, and after the Asterope's beating up the Gulf the vessel's arrival was no sooner known in the Port than Dr. Duncan boarded to inspect, and the ship was at once passed for the harbour.


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