24/04/1874 - 14/07/1874

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Thursday, April 23, 1874


Arrive Date

Monday, July 13, 1874

Journey Notes

Tha Darra, from London, was signalled early on Tuesday, but owing to the light winds did not reach the roads till late in the day, when she was boarded by the pilot, who came to single anchor near the Bell Buoy. The ship looks little changed, but those on board connected with her are all new men except the steward. Captain Edwards, who is in charge, had previously a fine steamer of 3,150 tons; but preferring a sailing vessel, he remained on shore until appointed to the Darra, The ship has brought a few assisted passengers, who look in excellent health, and throughout the voyage there was no case of serious illness. As soon as the passengers are mustered by the Immigration Officer they will be free to land. The Darra left Gravesend on April 24, and the same day anchored in the Downs. On the 25th she weighed and beat out with the wind south west, and next day when off the Isle of Wight discharged the Channel pilot. On April 27th the ship was off Start Point, and the following day, at 3 p.m., took her final departure from the Lizard. On May 19, at noon, she crossed the line in 27°of west longitude, on the 21st day from the Lizard. On May 29 light S.S.E. winds set in, and they lasted five days, but on June 3 a fine fair wind was hailed with delight. On the 12th the craft crossed the meridian of Greenwich, in lat 39° S. On June 15, at midnight, she passed the meridian of the Cape, in lat 41½° S., having run 2,795 miles in 12½ days. On July 5 the ship passed the meridian of the Leuwin in 40° S., having made the passage of the Southern Ocean from the longitude of the Cape to that of Cape Leuwin in 20½ days. Light airs and calms then set in, and July 12 arrived before Kangaroo Island was sighted. After this light airs continued, so that another two days were spent before the vessel's anchoring at the Semaphore. Register 15/7/1874


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