06/11/1874 - 10/12/1874

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Thursday, November 5, 1874


Arrive Date

Wednesday, December 9, 1874



Richard Griffith John followed the family tradition and at age 24 in March 1873 he gained his First Mates certificate in the Port of Liverpool. He worked as "first mate" on the wooden clipper ship John Elliot (1200 tons) travelling between the U.K and Calcutta from 1873-1874. In 1874 the ship was carrying 1705tons of Aulton steam coals when the ship burned and the crew were landed at Port Louis, Mauritius. The crew were discharged on the 27th October 1874 and Richard signed on as just a "mate" to the ship Kate Tatham 275 TONS which sailed for Adelaide on the 5th of November. The Kate Tatham arrived in the Port of Adelaide on the 9th of December 1874. Ref http://www.welshmariners.org.uk/search.php “"SHIPPING DISASTERS,” Dundee Courier, n.d., "SHIPPING DISASTERS." Dundee Courier, 25 Nov. 1874. British Library Newspapers, link.gale.com/apps/doc/R3210131026/GDCS?u=slwa&sid=bookmark-GDCS&xid=c14b7710. Accessed 15 Jan. 2022.

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