24/07/1874 - 20/10/1874

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Thursday, July 23, 1874


Arrive Date

Monday, October 19, 1874

Journey Notes

The South Australian arrived on Tuesday morning, hove-to for a short time in the road stead, and as soon as the Boarding Officer’s duties were completed was towed into harbour. Captain Bruce reports a passage of customary character without any incident to break the monotony of the voyage. On July 28 left London and called at Plymouth to embark passengers. This accomplished she sailed on August 2, and had favourable weather until picking up the north-east trades. She crossed the equator on the same day as the Orient, but further to the westward, the former vessel being in 23°32’, and the latter in 25°. The S.E. trades proved vigorous, and on September 10 the vessel was in the vicinity of Tristan, but passed the island without sighting it. Then followed a fortnight of light variables and calms, and not until September 19 was the meridian of the Cape crossed in 39° S. It will be noted that the Orient cut the same position on the previous day. The South crossed the Southern Ocean in 42° of south latitude, having some heavy weather after passing the Cape. On October 10 was off the Leuwin with fine weather and fresh winds. On Monday at 2 made Cape Borda, and on Tuesday was taken into harbour. Register 21/10/1874.


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