18/05/1875 - 17/08/1875

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Depart Date

Monday, May 17, 1875


Arrive Date

Monday, August 16, 1875



My Great grandfather was Rev. Hugh Henwood Teague and he came with his friend Rev. Samuel Fowler Prior. " They were selected by the Rev. W.B. Boyce, Senior Missionary Secretary in London, from among the students at Richmond College as peculiarly adapted for the trying and laborious work of the itinerant ministry in Australia. Mr Prior is a native of Bedford Huntingdon shire: and Mr Teague comes from Bodmin, Cornwall." South Australian Register- Saturday 21st August, 1875. Rev. Hugh H. Teague served the Methodist Church in many places in S.A. for 20 years, then went to Hobart 1898 and died in Ballarat in 1905 at the age of 54 years. It was a Sunday and he preached at the morning service but died at 7.30 pm that evening fromm heart problems. He left a widow and seven children.

I am also a relative of Hugh Henwood Teague, my grand father was his youngest son. We have some photo's of Hugh with church gatherings (location unknown) and Church "Preachers Plan" for Adelaide dated 1878 and Plans from Richmond UK dated 1870.

HUGH Henwood Teague was my great grandfather my grandfather Alexander one of his children. We are visiting Cornwall in October & would like to see where exactly he came from. We believe he was born in St Issey.

May be able to assist with UK contact

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